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SelectSeed Logo

SelectSeed is a registered company (April, 1999) under the Company Act that is wholly owned by the Forest Genetics Council of BC (FGC) through the BC Forest Genetics Society (a registered society under the Societies Act). SelectSeed has a five-member Board of Directors elected by shareholders.


Mission statement

SelectSeed supports Forest Genetics Council objectives for the development of seed orchard infrastructure to meet the provincial demand for high quality, genetically-adapted tree seed through investments, cooperative work with FGC members, and effective program management.

SelectSeed Objectives

Long term:

To support FGC objectives by:

  • Investing in seed orchard expansions identified by the FGC
  • Developing sufficient revenue through seed sales to sustain company operations by 2014 and to generate a positive return on capital employed by 2025.
  • Investing future seed-sale revenue in ongoing genetic quality upgrades of the
    provincial seed supply system
  • Providing effective long-term planning and management to the FGC.

Business organization

SelectSeed organizational chart

Seed production and sales

SelectSeed orchards produce seed for the following species and seed planning units. For sales enquiries and seed availability please contact Brian Barber at 250-888-7081 or email

Seed zone


Lodgepole pine



700 – 1600 m

Thompson Okanagan

700 – 1400 m

Thompson Okanagan

1400 – 1600 m

Prince George

700 – 1400 m

Central Plateau

700 – 1300 m

Bulkley Valley




Thompson Okanagan

700 – 1500 m

Thompson Okanagan

1300 – 2100 m




400 – 1200 m

Prince George

700 – 1200 m

Quesnel Lakes

700 – 1400 m

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