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Pest Management TAC Area (Archive)

Funded Projects 2009 / 10
For more information about a Project, or for reprints of papers published by a Project team, please contact the Principal Investigator listed under each Project title.

Reproductive Biology & Ecology of Dioryctria abietivorella
Dr. Maya Evenden (mevenden@ualberta.ca)

Leptoglossus occidentalis Host Finding & Infra-red Detection
Dr. Gerhard Gries (gries@sfu.ca)

Leptoglossus occidentalis – Population Dynamics
Dr. Staffan Lindgren (lindgren@unbc.ca)

Contarinia oregonensis Production of Pheromone
Dr. Ward Strong (Ward.Strong@gov.bc.ca)

Screening Trials of Pesticides for Cone & Seed Protection
Dr. Ward Strong (Ward.Strong@gov.bc.ca)

Development of BC Cone & Seed Field Guide
Jim Corrigan (Jim.Corrigan@gov.bc.ca)

Laboratory Operations MoFML Cone & Seed Research Scientist
Dr. Ward Strong (Ward.Strong@gov.bc.ca)

Technical Support MoFML Interior Cone & Seed Pest Biologist
Jim Corrigan (Jim.Corrigan@gov.bc.ca)

Reports 2009 / 10

Project Report - Interim: Development of a cost-effective and scaleable synthesis of the Contarinia oregonensis sex pheromone: (Z,Z)-4,7-tridecadien-(S)-2-yl acetate.
Dr Robert Britton.

Project Report - Interim: Cone and Seed Pest Management – Interior Operations.
Robb Bennett

Presentation: Multiple mating of female Dioryctria in British Columbia conifer seed orchards.
Caroline Whitehouse, Ward Strong and Maya Evenden.

Project Report - Year End: Development of BC conifer cone and seed insect field guide.
Robb Bennett

Project Report - Final and Executive Summary:
Reproductive biology of Dioryctria abietivorella

Whitehouse, C.M., Strong, W.B. and Evenden, M.L.

Progress Report: Leptoglossus Host-finding 2009
Ward Strong

Presentation: Use of Electromagnetic Foraging Cues By Conophagous Insects
Zahradnik, Takacs, Tsang, Strong, Bennett, Gries

Progress Report - Interim: Leptoglossus Mark-Release-Recapture (MRR) 2009

Progress Report - Year End: Population Dynamics of Leptoglossus occidentalis using Mark-Release-Recapture
Sylvie Desjardins

Progress Report: The Seed Pest Management Subprogram

Progress Report - Final: Cone and Seed Pest Pesticide Trials at Kalamalka Forestry Centre: Spruce 2009
Mario Lanthier

Progress Report - Final: Cone and Seed Pest Pesticide Trials at Kalamalka Forestry Centre Ministry: Douglas-fir 2009
Mario Lanthier

Progress Report - Interim: Pesticide Trials 2009
Ward Strong

Minutes from the RTB Information Session – June 22, 2010




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