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The Forest Genetics Council

The FGC is composed of 14 members, representing the forest industry, government, and universities. Council members are nominated by the agencies they represent, and appointed by the province's chief forester.

For more information about the Forest Genetics Council and its activities, please contact:

Brian T. Barber
FGC Program Manager

Forest Genetics Council Members





Name FGC Position Position / Employer
Pat Martin, RPF FLNR Co-chair

Director, Forest Improvement and
Research Management Branch (FIRM)
Domenico Iannidinardo,
RPF, PEng, RPBio
Industry Co-chair Chief Forester, Mosaic Forest Management
Bevin Wigmore, RPBio Coastal Seed Producer Manager, Tree Improvement,
Mosaic Forest Management
Robert Johnson, RPF Coast Seed User Forestry Manager, Capacity Forest Management
Jeff Mycock, RPF Interior Seed Producer Chief Forester, West Fraser Mills Ltd.
Bill Laing, RFT Interior Seed User -
Large Tenures
Silviculture Superintendent,
Conifex Mackenzie Forest Products Inc.
Gernot Zemanek Interior Seed User -
Small Tenures
Woodlot Licensee, Roserim Nurseries Ltd.
Annette van Niejenhuis, RPF Coastal TAC Chair Tree Improvement Coordinator,
Western Forest Products Inc.
Kori Vernier, RPF Interior TAC Chair Silviculture Coordinator, Canfor Corp.
Tony  Hopkins Natural Resources Canada Director, Entomology & Phytosanitary Research,
Natural Resources Canada
Dr. Juergen Ehlting Academia Associate Professor, Centre for Forest Biology,
University of Victoria
Shane Ford, RPF FLNR Research Manager, Forest Genetics, FIRM, FLNR
Mark Hay, RPF FLNR BCTS Manager, Seed and Seedling Services,
BC Timber Sales, FLNR
Dan Peterson, RPF FLNR Regional Operations Director, Forest Enhancement Program,
FLNR South Area

  FLNRO = BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources   /   LBIS = Land-based Investment Strategy




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