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Documents and Presentations


The Business of Seed Orchards
Presentation – Jack Woods, 2016 (.pdf)

Challenges with Future Seed Orchard Composition: Multiple Traits and Climate Based Seed Transfer
Presentation – Nicholas Ukrainetz, 2016 (.pdf)

Cone Handling, Monitoring and Tree Seed Centre Overview
Presentation – Dave Kolotelo, 2016 (.pdf)

How To Adorn Trees with More Cones: A Lesson in Patience
Presentation – Patrick von Aderkas and Lisheng Kong, 2016 (.pdf)

Managing Pine Foliar Disease Pathogens in a Changing Climate – Bulkley Seed Orchard #228: A Case Study
Presentation – Richard Reich, 2016 (.pdf)

New Pesticide Registrations For BC Seed Orchards
Presentation – Ward Strong, 2016 (.pdf)

Revisiting and Rethinking Water, Soil and Nutrition in Seed Orchards
Presentation – Claire Kooistra, June 2016 (.pdf)





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